About Erika

Born in 1975 in the Netherlands, I moved to England in 2010. In 2000 I finished a bachelors in sculpting alongside a teaching degree. I finds inspiration for my work in unexpected encounters with or in nature, and will occasionally lose myself down a rabbit hole. As interesting to me, is to find that same wonder in others.

“I've become an accidental collector”

"Every time you have an exhibition I just can't help but fall in love and inevitably buy one"
Nelly Smyth


While painting I enjoy a scene with clear shadows, seeing the conversation between light and shadow. They emphasise the shape of an object, the orientation of a space, the angle of planes. I enjoy seeing and exploring how colours in a pattern can give the illusion of space and dimensions.


Working in three dimensions takes away the need to think about how to imitate shapes and shadows, the work ‘is’. This opens up the possibility to weave in stories and messages. These stories dictate the medium I use, sometimes using objects or materials with a previous life and symbolism to emphasise the message.


I run a weekly sketchclub in a local bar. We practice our sketching skills by doing live portraits for which we take turns modelling for 10 minutes at the time. We train our eye-hand coordination rather then aiming to create master pieces.  It’s a drop in group where people bring there own preferred medium and paper. If you are interested  feel free to contact me.


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